Acquisition of Nationality

Post on the acquisition of nationality may be found here.

The principal modes of acquisition of nationality are:

  • by Birth, including birth on the territory (jus soli),  or birth to a citizen parent (i.e. by descent) (jus sanguinis), or some combination of the two. Acquisition by birth may take place automatically or on grant of nationality.
  • by Naturalisation (NB in some states, accelerated naturalisation or naturalisation on favourable terms is sometimes known as registration in particular states). Naturalisation may be automatic on the occurrence of prescribed events but more commonly it involves a grant of nationality. There are many different conditions that a state may prescribe in its law in order for a person to be naturalised as one of its citizens. The most prevalent is a residence requirement, requiring residence in the state territory for a prescribed period. In addition, the imposition of some form of good character requirement is increasingly common as  a condition of a grant of naturalisation. The principal modes of acquisition are:
  1. Residence
  2. marriage to a citizen
  3. adoption by a citizen
  4. becoming a surrogate child of a citizen
  5. legitimation (where a person’s parents were not married to each other at the time of the person’s birth)
  6. on entering into public or official service in a country
  7. on establishing domicile in a country.
  • by belonging to territory incorporated or annexed by a state, including where territory is ceded from one states to another.
  • on Resumption of a nationality.
  • where found on the territory as an abandoned infant.

Post on the acquisition of nationality may be found here.

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