Deprivation of Nationality and Citizenship – The Role of EU Law

My article published in the Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law

The article examines the relationship between the possession of the nationality of a European Union (EU) member state and the additional legal status of EU citizenship that is conferred upon those who possess such a nationality. It examines the extent to which EU citizenship operates so as to modify the way in which possession of a nationality is regulated in both national and international law.

At the centre of this examination is the question of the extent to which the nationality laws of the EU member states are within the scope of EU law so that the modes of acquisition and loss (including deprivation) of nationality are regulated by EU law. One concern of this examination is to consider the extent to which EU law and EU citizenship operate to strengthen the principle of international law that statelessness is to be avoided.

The conclusion is that, as regards the acts of a member state to deprive one of its own nationals of its nationality, EU law does not offer added protection against statelessness, per se, and offers only limited assistance against the loss of EU citizenship.

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